Having worked with The Landmark Trust for a number of years it was great to be asked to help with a number of projects in South Wales, including (aside from the Handbook) their first publication, about the Llanthony Valley and surrounding area.

The brief was relatively simple – create a visually-interesting book detailing the history of the land and the people in the valley using well-researched archive images along with newly-commissioned photography that captures the stunning landscape and accompanying maps. Eric Gill spent time in the area later on in his career and the book has reflected that by using Gill Sans and Joanna, two typefaces developed by Gill. With Landmark red as the main colour the book feels clean and contemporary whilst echoing a more bygone age with its use of type and design.



The Landmark Trust

June 2018

210mm x 148mm

116pp + 8pp cover
4-col throughout

Art direction, layout
design and production