Containing over 500 images, covering everything from the formation of the RGR through to the recent 25th anniversary year, this comprehensive book details the history of the Regiment and the tours it has been on over the years. Written by Major General John Craig Lawrence, former Director of Joint Warfare at the Directorate of Joint Warfare, it is a detailed account of the people and places that have made up the Gurkhas over the last 25 years, summed up perfectly by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, who was presented with the first copy of the book in July 2019:

“As I reflect upon the Regiment’s first quarter century, it is sometimes difficult to remember exactly just how much has been achieved. This is why this book is invaluable – carefully researched, and with hundreds of fascinating images, it will perhaps help the reader to understand my deep personal pride in being Colonel-in-Chief.”



Unicorn Publishing

July 2019

246mm x 185mm

4-col throughout

Art direction, jacket and layout design