This successful series provides directors with the unique opportunity to reveal their personal insights into highlights from their own collections. While serving as an invaluable souvenir for visitors, the books are also published for the international market, thereby promoting each institution on a global platform. Working closely to the given template, but not exclusively to it, there’s plenty of room to play around with some of the world’s most famous and renowned pieces of art on the page.

El Guggen, as the residents of Bilbao call it, opened its doors in the autumn of 1997 to huge international acclaim and extensive media coverage. This little book cleverly conveys the glories of the building via sumptuous interior and exterior photography. With its titanium skin, the European home for the Guggenheim collections is the superb technical achievement of American architect Frank Gehry. Built to house all forms of modern art, ‘El Guggen’ is above all a work of art in itself.

Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers

April 2019

190mm x 165mm


Jacket and layout design