Lions of the North tells, from a unique and personal perspective, the stories of the Percy family and Alnwick Castle over a thousand years of British history. Once battered by marauding armies it is now a major tourist attraction. The Duke has drawn on his unparalleled access to the Percy archives to paint this fascinating portrait of a British dynasty and its survival against the odds.

Working closely with Scala Arts and Heritage Publishers, it was a huge privilege to be able to have access to not only the Castle and its archives, but also the Duke and those that work directly with him in running the collections. Being involved on the project from the beginning also gave me the opportunity to really help to shape the visual content, which isn’t always the case. The design is relatively traditional in terms of style, but using a more stylised typeface throughout gave it a much needed contemporary feel.



Alnwick Castle

February 2019

280mm x 240mm

hardback + softback

Art direction, jacket and layout design