I’ve been involved in the design and publishing industry for over 16 years, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with such wide-ranging clients as UCLA, the University of Cambridge and Reader’s Digest, designed things from record sleeves to yacht brochures and guidebooks, and worked closely with world-renowned photographers, artists, designers, printers and writers.

‘Book design … is simply the decent setting of type and the intelligent layout of text and pictures based on a rigorous study of content.’

– Derek Birdsall

I started life as a designer working largely for the heritage sector, with clients such as The National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces and The Landmark Trust, producing everything from leaflets and guidebooks to exhibitions and catalogues, but over time gravitated more and more into publishing. That early period, through people I worked with and the processes involved, gave me a huge insight into editorial design for print and how as the designer it’s not just about the final product – it’s all about having an eye for detail and doing the groundwork.

Alongside design, other key skill areas include project management, editorial proficiency and a fairly extensive knowledge of repro, print and colour production work.

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I’ll be honest. It’s really just me. I do have a close network of designers, editors, photographers and project managers that I work with but most days I’m just happy to chat to the postman.


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